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We are a team of highly qualified women. Most of us are also mothers who do not want to give up our careers.

We are looking for highly qualified women who want to join our team. We have experts in a multitude of areas: finance, marketing, engineering, etc. Whatever your specialisation, we want to count on you.

If you are a professional woman:

And you want to continue working

You want a good work-life balance

You don’t want to give up your career


You want to have your own income 

You are committed to your future 

And you want to work in an international environment…

You need to know that JUNO PROJECTS is made for you.

Just like you, we struggle to juggle with our work-life balance and we know that it is not easy.

Our main goal is to help women with professional interests to overcome the difficulties that society puts in front of us in order to offer you a work solution in the present, but above all to make it possible for you to be the leaders of the future.

We firmly believe that this can be achieved and that is why JUNO PROJECTS exists.

We offer flexible, remote, full-time or part-time jobs so that you can manage your own time and do not need to give up your professional career.

Find the opportunity you are looking for with Juno Projects!

Sign up for the offers we have available and if none of them fit your profile, go to “Autocandidatura” and leave us your details so that we can contact you when the opportunity to collaborate arises.


"Women belong in all places where decisions are being made.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg-Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

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