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We are an international team of highly skilled professionals who happen to be mothers that don’t want to give up on their career.

We are constantly looking for professional mothers who want to join our team.

If you are a
professional mother​

Trying to work AND

Spending all the quality time you can with your children AND

Not willing to give up on your career AND

Willing to support your family with an income AND

Who speaks English fluently AND

Who would like to work in an international environment…

You need to know that JUNO PROJECTS is made for you.

Just like you, we are struggling to juggle between our personal, professional and motherly life and yes it’s really tough.

Our very first goal is to help professional mothers to overcome the struggles that our contradictory society is putting in front of us.

We say there is a way and this is why JUNO PROJECTS exists.

We offer part time and full time flexible, remote jobs that you will be able to perform when you are not taking care of your children.

Send us an email
with your up to date cv​


"It falls upon every generation to be great.”

Nelson Mandela

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