At Juno Projects we offer recruitment and outsourcing services through female talent. Our priority is to promote access to the job market for highly qualified women, especially those who are mothers, in order to provide them with an employment solution in the present, but also to empower them to access senior management positions in the future.

The idea of building JUNO PROJECTS arises from the realisation that our cities’ playgrounds are full of professionals putting their careers on hold to start a family and they are mainly women.

How do we work?

We articulate our value proposition based on two types of services to facilitate the incorporation of female talent in companies: recruitment and outsourcing.

We can adjust our service proposal depending on what your company needs at any time. Our standard offer is:


If your company is committed to promoting diversity and equal opportunities, we find the female talent that best fits your business model and company culture.


You don’t need to hire to have the best talent working for your team. We work on a project or hourly basis, setting objectives and KPIs in collaboration with our clients.

“If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair”

Shirley Chisholm-First black woman elected to the United States Congress      +34 672 245 452

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